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Industry Update (1)


13 nuclear power units under construction have resumed their construction! The Energy Bureau reveals the process of major energy projects:

On March 4, the Energy Bureau announced that the current situation of energy industry of going back to work and produce is getting better. Timely, sufficient, safe and steady energy supply is guaranteed. The overall situation of national energy supply and demand is stable. The supply of electricity, coal, oil, gas and other energy resources in key areas like Hubei province remains stable. 


Valve Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association get to know the situation of company’s resumption of work and production actively:

At present, the coronavirus epidemic has an impact on the normal operation of enterprises, therefore, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council attaches great importance to it and demands every central departments, governments, industry associations to help companies get through the crisis and develop steadily. The branch finds that except the enterprises in Hubei province, other enterprises have resumed to work and produce on the whole.


Tunxi High-pressure Valve passes ISO9001 remote certification successfully:

In the current situation, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) permits that certification authorities are able to verify the customers remotely. On February 27-28, DNV GL auditor start annual ISO9001 supervision and verification towards Tunxi High-pressure Valve Co., Ltd by the creative methods like remote video, audio, telephone, e-mail, etc, which are different from the traditional on-site verification mode.


Lyondell Basell signed the joint-venture agreement with Bora Group, 2.6 billion dollars investment on polyolefin project

A few days ago, Lyondell Basell as one of the world biggest plastic, chemical and petroleum refining companies signed the final cooperation agreement with Liaoning Bora Group to set up 50:50 joint-venture and increase investment in China’s market.


Saudi Arabia invests one hundred billion dollars on the exploitation of shale gas

Saudi Arabia, as a traditional oil-producing country, is creating a revolution called “shale gas revolution”. From scorn to positiveness, Saudi Arabia finally start to notice the potential of non-standard resource. It announced to start the exploitation project of Jafurah, which is the biggest shale gas field in Saudi Arabia and also the biggest one in the world accept in the United States. It strives to operate within 5 years and aimed at being the world key production and export country of natural gas based on it.


Shanghai Hugong Valve Plant insists that the prevention of the virus needs to be carried out simultaneously with the business operation and production:

Currently, the spread of the virus has been controlled on the first stage. China has stepped into the new stage of managing the virus prevention and business operation at the same time. Since Shanghai Hugong Valve Plant resumed to work, it focuses on both sides to make sure that the operation and production can be proceeded orderly. 1. Set up checkpoint for the virus inspection 2. Overall sterilization at regular time 3. Self-prevention and work on own cubicle 4. Propagate related knowledge to help the virus prevention 5. Resume to work orderly


KSB launched the new type Amarex KRT sewage pump

In recent days, KSB launched the new type Amarex KRT series submerged motor pumps for municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. It has the jacket cooling motor, which can carry fluid with temperature up to 40°C and operate at temperature up to 55°C.


Weir launched three new type Lewis® pump

On February 27, Weir launched new type Lewis®VL axial flow pump, Lewis® horizontal process pump and Lewis® vertical high pressure molten salt pump. These pumps are designed to extend the life against abrasion of some corrosive industrial application to the greatest extent. At the same time, its streamline design can simplify the maintenance. Comparing to the former pumps, it reduces the quantity of components greatly without affecting its performance.


Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc. merged with Ingersoll Rand industrial group

On March 1, Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc. and Ingersoll Rand industrial group merged into a new company named Ingersoll Rand Inc.. It will finally float on the NYSE on March 2, stock code “IR”.


Allweiler launched a new generation of AEB-DE series screw pump

On February 18, Allweiler launched a new generation of AEB-DE series screw pump, which has four sizes and share the installation space and can be able to flow in both direction.